Trial Exhibits Blow Up Services

Partner with Judicial Research to bring your words to life, create amazing visual representations with our Exhibit Blow Up Service. We maintain an amazing reputation for providing excellent service in South Florida! Print your legal presentations and trial exhibits with us and see the impact on your trial and mediation. We maintain the best litigation support team in Miami for over 23 years! We can help you get started today!
Whether you have a demonstrative that needs converted into a different format or a conceptual idea that you would like to see come to life, our team has you covered. Whether you utilize old-school poster boards or high-tech displays, our graphic artists will work with you to create the demonstrative in the exact medium needed for your presentation.
Our photo enlargement services will allow you to display a greater amount of information for all audiences to understand. Convey you message with ease using our services. This process allows the witness to view an exhibit as well as the jury at the same time.  We can print your trial exhibit with any program and maintain an in house expert on power point.
Have a quick deadline? We have accommodated many Exhibit Blow Up services from small to large for any budget and time line. You can rely on Judicial Research for your RUSH exhibit blow up needs in Miami!  You don’t have to take our word for it, go checkout our customers raving reviews online or give us a call and experience our amazing service.

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