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From early case assessment, to pinpointing Custodians and inventory data, to investigation, examination, and possible redaction of contents, through analytical review, Judicial Research provides eDiscovery technology to super charge the power of your legal team. We support projects small to large with litigation document collection, superior analytics partnered with review allowing your team to get the facts as soon as possible. This can be a critical piece of support to help you quickly develop a case strategy driven by our experienced digital analysis.
Judicial Research supports your team step by step with a complete examination of all case documents. With our services you will gain early insight into case work. No more long waits or standby for processing. Receive no unwanted data or documents. Then you will be able to review and manage your new electronic and document discovery from an location!
We maintain the highest efficiency and are ready to support you when time comes to provide documentation to opposing counsel. The job has already been completed with e documents. All relevant data has stored and integrated with links to corresponding records, images, etc. That means each service we provide, the file will have all case related materials ready to be easily created. For this reason, Judicial Research highly recommends TIF or PDF image conversion, until the files are actually needed for production. This process will make sure there is consistency and cost saving.
You can rely on Judicial Research for your litigation support needs in Miami when it comes to E-Discovery!  You don’t have to take our word for it, go checkout our customers raving reviews online or contact us today to see how we can help!

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